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Anna Turns Into The Evil Queen Of Arendelle In Frozen 3

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Dirilis 2020
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Anna Discovers Fire Powers In Frozen 3 After Elsa Abandons Her At The End Of Frozen 2.

Are you wondering what direction Frozen 3 could take? We're imagining how it would look if Disney got twisted and gave us evil Anna. After Elsa turned into the fifth spirit at the end of Frozen 2 and retreated to the enchanted forest, Anna became the new queen of Arendelle. But without her big sister's guidance, Anna went down the wrong path. Sick and tired of always living in Elsa's ice powers shadow, Anna discovered fire powers of her own. And the destruction she caused, like melting our favorite snowman Olaf, earned her a new title...

The Evil Queen Of Arendelle!

What do you think about Anna becoming the villain in Frozen 3? Do you

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