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Bailey Got a NEW CAR??

Artis Brooklyn and Bailey
Judul Bailey Got
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Dirilis 2020
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Today, I am SO excited to announce to y'all that I officially have a #NEWCAR! I'll bring you along for the entire process (filmed back in July), showing you exactly what goes into purchasing a vehicle, and of course I’ll be giving you a #cartour! What is your dream car?? 🚗

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Brooklyn and I have been sharing a #car literally since we turned 16! We are grateful for that, and it always just made sense because we were involved in a ton of the same activities throughout high school and the first two years of college. As we involve ourselves in different activities at college, and our class schedules are now different, it is becoming more and more difficult to share a vehicle and planning our lives around who needs the car at that moment!

Brooklyn bought me out of my half of the Jeep, and I used those funds along with additional money I had been saving to buy this new car. I’ve been doing A LOT of research on different vehicles, the best deals, etc,, and getting a lot of help from my dad!

I knew I didn’t want anything small (especially si

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Bailey Got a NEW CAR??

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