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RB3 Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters ALL-PRO Full Band Gold Stars XPLAT #1 (Happy Birthday Elizabeth)

Artis InYourDreamsPSN
Judul Celebrate Rb3 S Birthday
Diputar 311
Suka 18
Dirilis 2013
Durasi 4:13
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Let me 1st wish Elizabeth (FoxFire_79's daughter) a Happy Birthday. I know your celebrating your birthday this weekend and this video is for you. You'll always be remembered for your epic singing debut many months ago:

I hope you have a great birthday and eat lots of cake and drive your mom bananas. Hence why I picked Monkey Wrench for your video. Hope you appear soon on this channel in another video. Have a great birthday Elizabeth! =D

This is my favorite Foo Fighters song without question. I was so happy we were able to do this ALL-PRO. This was the 1st song Johnny and I ever played together, when we 1st met. Amazing path and great job on drums. This is the 1st video Joe has appeared on this channel. Great job on pro bass Joe, and get ready to see him aga

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