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Dunwich Amps FuzzThrone Demo - Conan Tone!

Artis Does It Doom?
Judul Dunwich Amps Fuzzthrone Demo
Diputar 12,458
Suka 469
Dirilis 2019
Durasi 8:39
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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The FuzzThrone was originally designed for Jon Davis of Conan and has been one of his primary fuzz pedals for the past few years, used on both Blood Eagle and Revengeance.

Part of the circuit is based on a vintage Fuzz Face design, with additional clipping stages, a Big Muff style tone stack, and a boost on the output. The pedal has multiple sources of clipping, including the Fuzz Face section, a section with diode clipping, and finally you can achieve more clipping yet of you max the boost control which clips the boost section.

The circuit is based on the Dunwich Cthulhu Fuzz design, with an added a fuzz control, an EQ, and an adjustable boost after the EQ. The resulting pedal is more versatile compared to the regular Cthulhu Fuzz with even more output volume and a bit more gain if the Boost is maxed out.

Controls are as follows:

Fuzz: Amount of Gain.
Tone: Passive EQ, CCW = dark, CW = bright.
Boost: Adds up to

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