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Lil Baby x 42 Dugg - We Paid (Official Video)

Artis LilBabyVEVO
Judul I Paid
Diputar 150,600,657
Suka 1,018,695
Dirilis 2020
Durasi 2:55
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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""We Paid"" Lyrics:

[Intro: 42 Dugg]
Can't be fucked with
Ayy, 4 Pockets, huh
(Section 8 just straight cooked this motherfucker up)

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
'Fore I go broke like Joc
Fuck with that dog like Vick (Roof)
Not that rock, that pit'
Palm Angels down to my sock
Can't hold my Glock, reason I don't really like that shit (Nigga, I don't)
Young turnt nigga, can't wife no bitch (At all)
Excuse my French, don't like no bitch (Nope)
Limo tinted, all five of my cars, yeah, I had it hard
Seen my bitch broke bad, I ain't had a heart
Skrrt, yeah, that's us
Two-tone AP, yeah, I'm bust
Got the head from her, I ain't even wanna fuck (Fuck her)
Why? Slut, bye (Fuck on)
Nothin' on me from Saks, everything Revive
Old nigga tellin' on bro, should've died
No, he ain't kill 'em, dawg, he ain't even try
Still'll bet my last shootin' dice in the hood
Take who chain? Nah bitch, not Dugg's
Probably in somethin' fast with a Glock in the hood
Courtside tickets, spillin' Wock' on the wood

[Chorus: 42 Dugg & Lil Baby]
First turnt nigga from the hood, they curious
Four in cars, 'bout five in jewelry
I get the commas with numbers, that's period
I got your BM wan' put on Amiris
First young nigga in the A with two Lams
Run up fourteen mil', started fourteen grams (Same day)
Dope boy Dickies and diamonds and Timbs
You shouldn't play with that boy, he is not one of them
Bro, I kept taking L's, finally got me a M
Still making double, I don't count what I spend
S550 2018
Gotta come twenty if you hoppin' in the Benz
Young turnt nigga from the D to the A
I'm rockin' with the Lions, yeah, I'm rocking with the Braves
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we paid
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we paid

[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
I'ma turn it up a lil' more this time
Used to dream about gettin' it, now I got it, I don't drive
I had a spot like a varsity, what do you have?
You buy twenty, I'll front what you buy
I put on drip, I believe I can I fly
Niggas know that I'm rich, but they know not to try
I had a show in

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