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Moneybagg Yo – Said Sum (Official Music Video)

Artis MoneyBagg Yo
Judul Moneybagg Yo
Diputar 54,606,136
Suka 389,572
Dirilis 2020
Durasi 2:59
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Said Sum (Lyrics)

Huh what uh I thought a broke nigga said sum
Talkin shit but they still ain’t sayin nothin
We gon trap dis bitch out til the Feds come (run it up run it up)
Huh? what she say? Uh I thought a pussy hoe said sum uh
How it go when I’m talkin you listen (just listen)
Cut her off because she spoke on the business (go)

Hunnids and Fifties can’t swap a dime for a penny
You know that’s a stupid decision
Head first wit it I shot a shot at my nigga bitch really didn’t think before I did it
Make it make sense (please)
Luckily I was on point with the last hoe
Kept my receipts (why?)
Warranty good made sure I gotta full refund
When I gave her back to the streets
Forever I rep put the set on the chain
I’m thuggin you already know how I came
Yea he got money but niggas be lame
I Lambo’d her life told her get out that Range
Her mani and pedi same color as my teeth (white)
She gotta blue check and a check without me (nice)
Hood nigga ridin in a foreign on E (Still)
Sick of these niggas Covid-19 (ugh)
Kawhi the rocket tryna keep the cup
Came up like Giannis I’m tryna get the bigger Bucks
Got 4 different choppas right there in this truck
I’m just being honest I could get you touched
Put you in the blender I could get you slushed
I see the comments but really I’m bothered
I know it’s hurtin she salty I scarred her
Beware what you lay up and say to these bitches they can’t hold water (period)

Huh wha

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