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Oh! The Horror - Halloween 365 (Official Music Video)

Artis Twiztid Official
Judul Oh The
Diputar 146,998
Suka 1,991
Dirilis 2020
Durasi 3:29
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Halloween 365
Halloween 365
Halloween 365

Who are we? Trick or treat
Yeah we marching down your street
Oh! The Horror we the freaks every day every week
Weird, ******* up, sick and deranged
Wouldn’t lie to you I swear we’ll never change
We the strange here to rock your brain
Hit you like a train, never show restraint
Inside us the weird ***** ingrained
Can’t explain
Killing off the Competition till we’re all that remains

Halloween 365
Halloween 365
Halloween 365

Got that rock, pop and hip hop and mix with the Horror core
The rest of you just copy cat your idols and it’s such a bore
But what we’ve got in store can’t be ignored
Here to level up and snatch the high score
Hit you with the axe chop weird **** and mosh hop
Climbing to the top while the rest of you just drop off
What else can we say for us its Halloween every day
And that’s jus

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