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Saying Goodbye to Our Dog / Story Time

Artis Korina Navarro
Judul Our Dog
Diputar 2,038
Suka 312
Dirilis 2020
Durasi 10:29
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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This was Kota's last day with us. I share how we adopted her and why she had to leave. Great Pyrenees have a life span of 10-12 years. Vet thinks Kota could have been 9 or 10 years old. We don't know how old she truly was when we adopted her but we think she could have been 2 or 3 years old. We had Kota for about 7 years. Kota loved the outdoor environment, her favorite thing to do was barking at everything including birds, lizards and the wind. She loved eating and going on walks. A few months ago she started spending more and more time indoors. From the 7 years she was with us, she only like being indoors when she wasn't feeling well or if it w

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