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Raisa & Andi Rianto - Bahasa Kalbu (Official Music Video)

Artis RaisaVEVO
Judul Raisa Andi Rianto Bahasa Kalbu
Diputar 3,751,899
Suka 182,549
Dirilis 2020
Durasi 5:56
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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“Love is about giving, and to be understood is a privilege.”

Last year Raisa performed on Magenta Orchestra’s anniversary show, where in this event she performed one of the biggest songs in Indonesia of the early 2000s titled “Bahasa Kalbu”. Originally sung by Titi DJ and also arranged and composed by the Indonesian maestro, Andi Rianto, this time around Raisa pays tribute by releasing her version alongside Andi Rianto.

Listen to Raisa & Andi Rianto "Bahasa Kalbu"

Written by Titi DJ, Dorie Kalmas, & Andi Rianto
Original Song Publisher by Aquarius Pustaka Musik
Track produced and arranged by Andi Rianto
Piano, Keyboards, Programming: Andi Rianto
Bass: Rishanda Wicaksono Singgih
Backing vocals: Wisha Sofia Dewi, Ronald Silitonga
Magenta Orchestra orche

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