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Rust RAiDiNG RiCH HACKERS - Wealthy Revenge Raid (Jackpot Raids Loot)

Artis LOIN
Judul Rust Raiding Rich Hackers
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Dirilis 2019
Durasi 16:58
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Rust RAiDiNG RiCH HACKERS - Wealthy Revenge Raid
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πŸ‘† WATCH PART 1 πŸ‘† "Rust RAiDiNG RiCH HACKERS - Wealthy Revenge Raid (Jackpot Raids Loot)" aka "Rust Rich Hacker Raid", "Rust Hacks", "Rust Hacker", "Rust Revenge Raid", "Rust Jackpot Raids", "Rust Raids Vanilla Gameplay" is a Rust vanilla gameplay 2019 video filmed on the Canada 1 Facepunch Official vanilla Rust gameplay server. This is PART 2 of the previous video, known as "Rust Lazy Hacker Loot", and we pickup exactly where we left off prior, after we eco raided the wealthiest hacker clan loot by exploiting their flawed clan base loot yard design and smuggling out 682 bricks of rust explosives and tons of other resources, guns, ammo, gear, etc. In this video we beginning trying to directly and fully raid the entire hacker clan base for all of its jackpot loot, and it takes us over 3 attempts to finish the base off completely, due to the fact that they kept having clan members log in to seal the breach, as well as getting their hacker clan members to use aimbot, esp, etc to stop us from being able to keep the raid base we built in their courtyard after taking over a tool cupboard that was full of metal fragments and placing doors + sleeping bags, they even finally raided our main base and forced me to rebuild and gather more resources to get the final payback and revenge raid loot on them once and for all. They didn't grief our Workbench T3, which was a huge mistake, plus they left some gear on ground outside our raided base, which I saved and used to build back up and eventually raid them with. Luckily the "Rust Hacker Clan Loot" aimbot montage you'll see in this video ended with the three hackers in the hacker clan being banned from rust by Facepunch right after I reported them! We then finished off their base and literally got THE MOST LOOT FROM THE RICHEST HACKER CLAN BASE RAID IN VANILLA RUST I THINK I HAVE EVER DONE! This was the richest I had been towards the end of any wipe, I think EVER in vanilla rust. Anyways, I still have MORE VANILLA CONTENT TO MAKE AFTER THIS VIDEO AS PART OF THE SAME SERIES, plus I will be recording all kinds of Terra Rusticus modded rust raids videos in the next couple days cuz there's tons of new content with the new rust dev blog game updates like the Large Oil Rig, Multiple Grenade Launcher Rust,

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