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/ Tank for children. Cartoon about tanks new episode. Танкомульт. World of tanks.

Artis Rusty Caterpillar
Judul Tank
Diputar 35,791
Suka 237
Dirilis 2020
Durasi P0D
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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0:44 Next, in the animation about tanks online for children, a real monster tank appeared on the battlefield and battle, which could defeat enemy tanks with one shot.
0:37 All of a sudden, we see enemies attacking the village - a monster tank and an arsonist tank, known in the world of tanks for their cruelty.
0:51 An elder's tank appears on the way of the intruders. He asks the monsters to get out of the village.
1:01 Instead of leaving, the tank monster destroys the elder and orders the Pyro to destroy everything in its path.
1:14 Green tanks begin to fight for their home village. The world of tanks has never seen such a battle.
1:46 Next, in the animation about tanks for children, a new hero appears - a young green tank. He watches in horror as the inhabitants of his native village are killed by bombs.
1:53 Tank Pyro launches its deadly weapon - the flamethrower. He sets fire to a house containing small tanks.
2:04 A green tank tries to save the children, but the monster attacks him and he loses consciousness.
2:41 In the end of the cartoon, the green tank wakes up and sees its village destroyed. The battle ended in tragedy. He rushes in pursuit to catch up and destroy the invaders.
4:33 In an unequal battle, the green tank still defeats the Pyro. Whether he will be able to take revenge on the main villain, you will find out in the new series of the cartoon about tanks.
0:55 In a cartoon about battle and war in the world of tanks for kids online, a monster tank began to shoot enemy tanks and destroy all tanks on the battlefield.
1:02 A small green tank in a cartoon about a battle of tanks decided to save

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