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The Hierophant in 6 Minutes

Artis Contemporary Tarot
Judul The Hierophant
Diputar 43,695
Suka 1,308
Dirilis 2018
Durasi 6:52
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Hierophant Upright

One of the most complex cards. The first card in major arcana not representing an individual like the child, mother, father, creative force, or deep self knowing, this is the institutions the previous build. In its most pure incarnation, it is the original unit of the family. In the broader interpretation it represents community, traditions, schools, philosophies, institutions built on a shared faith or set of beliefs. In some decks it is referred to as the pope, the position of a pope being the culmination of a larger group with complex beliefs and actions married together. Note the students at the teacher’s feet and between them, the keys. Students looking to a system for the keys to unlock a desired outcome, be it mastery, community, or another goal. School, university, church, synagogue, mosque, political organization, club, and most of all the original unit of FAMILY.

Best Course of Action:
First, ascertain are you the student or the teacher? This is not the time to break from tradition. Commit to what you believe in and stand up for it. This may be a call to pursue higher education, deeper commitment to your faith or more active participation in your community. Be open to learning more, engage in developing the specific skills and techniques your chosen institution require. This is a big fami

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The Hierophant in 6 Minutes

The Hierophant in 6 Minutes

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