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The Quarantined - 'Day 1: It's Not Just The Fucking Flu' (Official Stream) [2020] Chugcore Exclusive

Artis Chugcore Promotions
Judul The Quarantined
Diputar 4,954
Suka 279
Dirilis 2020
Durasi 2:2
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Members of I Set My Friends On Fire and Shoot The Girl First collaborate to form The Quarantined. The band was formed in the midst of both members being locked down. Each day isolated they record a new song. We will be premiering those songs. Enjoy this heavy Deathcore with some electronic infusion.

Artist: The Quarantined
Song: Day #1: It’s Not Just The Fucking Flu (Feat. Felix Frohlich of Bite)
Genre: Deathquar(antine)
For fans of: I Set My Friends On Fire, Shoot The Girl First, Varials, Breakdown of Sanity, Thy Art Is Murder


Bio: The Quarantined are a deathcore group formed in March of 2020, with one sole purpose: To survive COVID-19. Nate Blasdell (I Set My Friends On Fire) and Alex Sayti (Shoot The Girl First) share a common interest in heavy music and self-isolation, allowing the creation of this band. The Quarantined will be breaking up in a few weeks,

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