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WARNING - Powerful Subliminal Money Meditation

Artis Pure Meditation and Relaxation
Judul Warning Money
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Suka 5,229
Dirilis 2014
Durasi 14:1
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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This subliminal money meditation will program your subconscious with thousands of subliminal commands designed to program your subconscious to attract money and money making situations. It is designed to make you "smarter" at attracting money.

Money isn't going to magically appear out of thin air. Money is a form of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy must be transferred. You are going to have to be shown actions that you have to take to start making the kind of money you've never made before. Myself, along with certain mentors I've found, have developed ways of using the L

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WARNING - Powerful Subliminal Money Meditation

WARNING - Powerful Subliminal Money Meditation

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