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WITCH'S ROOM AMBIENCE: Bubbling Cauldron, Potions, Crackling Sounds, Liquid Sounds | ASMR

Artis Autumn Cozy
Judul Witch S Cottage
Diputar 127,870
Suka 4,701
Dirilis 2019
Durasi 1:4
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Witch's bedroom ambience! The beautiful base image for this video was provided by Hara:
(She's sooo talented—go check her out! 🌙)

Video features: bubbling sounds, liquid sounds, crackling sounds, a lulling cat purr, glass lids closing, and more!

In this week's video you're spending some time in your cozy witchy bedroom with your cat, Goddess Nubias. A magical potion bubbles and glug-glug-glugs in a cauldron as you cut and grind dried flowers and mix an array of ingredients together. You're experimenting with creating a new powerful potion, hoping this one doesn't explode like the last one did. The rain has just cleared, and the fresh smell of damp earth permeates your room. Flowers and candle wax perfume the air, disguising the awful smell of the brew bubbling away in your cauldron. Goddess Nubias purrs, happy that the violent thunder storm is finally over. All is well in your world.

⚗️Question: What potion are you making, and what does it do?

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