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Artis Farhad Darya
Judul Yaw Wraz
Diputar 234,878
Suka 1,543
Dirilis 2014
Durasi 6:51
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Song: Yawa Wraz
Compose: Farhad Darya
Lyrics: Ghafor Lewal

February 2014

One day ...
Translated by: Hamid Aziz

One day you and I embarked on a journey!
You and I side by side embarked on a journey!
One day when I had cried and leaned on your shoulders
As I vanished in your eyes, I left the world behind
One day you were my queen and I was only YOUR king
Not a king! I was your prisoner, sheltered from evil eyes
One day you and I were tired of all the people
Hand in hand, two lovers gone with the water, isolated from people

The day, you and I were at "Aashiqaan-o-Aarefaan"
And were wandering in the old city boulevards
One day when tear droplets overflew from your eyes
I was stunt, fixated onto erratic chignon
The day when I had two coins of your tear in my pocket
I was dangling bells of your anklet, enchanted as you moved
One day, the chanson of wrath bloomed o

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